Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Unakkameen Muringakka Curry ( Dried fish & drumstick curry)


Unakkameen (dry fish)   - 10 pieces

Muringakkaya (Drumstick)  - 6 or 10 pieces

Shallots  - 5 pieces

Onion - 1 large

Green chilly  -4nos

Garlic  - 2 pods

Ginger  -1 small piece(1/4 inch)

Coconut grated– 1 cup full

Kudampuli  -2 pieces

Chilly powder -1tsp

Corriander powder  - ½ tsp

Turmeric powder  - ½ tsp

Curry leaves-2 sprig

Coconut oil -1tsbsp

Mustard seeds-1


For grinding: Coconut,chilly pdr,coriander pdr,turmeric pdr,shallots


Splutter mustard seeds with ½ tbsp oil and curry leaves. Add sliced onion in to it and sauté well then add drumstick pieces ,sliced green chillies, garlic and garlic sauté it for a while then add dry fish ,kudampuli and water cook it after close it with a lid. After ¾ cook add grinded coconut paste to it again cook it well. Pour remain coconut oil and curry laves over the curry close it for a minute then stir it .Serve with hot rice…

Really yummy dish…try it…..